Who We Are

Kalex Story

Our founder and inventor believes every challenge, no matter how seemingly impossible, has a solution. Having a passion for human and environmental health, Christopher learned in 2015 that USA power plants create 2,416,000,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually. Christopher found that quantity of pollution unimaginable. Even more shocking was recognizing other countries were polluting even more massive amounts, and that carbon dioxide is only one of many pollutants created during energy production. So Christopher set out to take on this massive challenge.

Green power symbol in a green field

Love for his family and the outdoors, Christopher was plagued by images of smokestacks, polluted skies, and contaminated waterways. He began theorizing the solution to this massive challenge. How could a force be created to replace the current method, which produces more electricity in the same space for less cost, and without polluting the environment?

Knowing ancient Egyptians were credited with miraculous accomplishments, Christopher asked himself, “how would the ancient master engineers of Egypt create such a force using only their available resources?” 

With enthusiasm and ingenious characteristics, fueled by the curiosity of construction, Christopher discovered the answer is to use heavy objects and gravity to rotate shafts connected to generators. The challenge then was to return the heavy objects to the top of the apparatus and repeat the process.

In late 2017, Christopher found a solution and submitted patent protections. Those protections were approved in March 2020, and the story continues with obtaining research and development grants, prototype, implementation, and the end goal to eliminate power created pollution.