Kalex Innovations

Who We Are

Kalex Story

We are an innovative technology company focused on improving the lives of current and future generations by combining imagination with innovation.

Over the years, with the many current environmental efforts, small decreases have been made to the additional accumulation of harmful chemicals in our air and water. Many courageous environmental efforts have been made with some small, not fast enough, reductions in pollution.

What is needed, and overdue, is an abrupt disruption to the ongoing environment pollution.  Kalex Innovations has created such an abrupt solution in BuoGra, our Natural Forces Apparatus. With BuoGra our future will not be dependent on burning fossil fuels to meet energy demands nor will our population need to reduce consumption of electricity. Instead, we will be able to produce electricity without environmental pollution.

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Our Executive Team

Kalex Innovations is run by some of the most ingenious and forward-thinking executives in the world. With a passionate understanding of some of the world’s most significant issues like air and water pollution, everyone at Kalex is hyper focused on conceiving viable technologies that can make our world a better place to live.