Kalex Innovations

What We Create


The Natural Forces Apparatus (NFA) also known as BuoGra is a patented mechanical marvel that aims to revolutionize the electricity generation industry. BuoGra utilizes the natural forces of buoyancy and gravity within the apparatus, along with heavy buoyant objects, to produce continual mechanical rotation for generators that create substantial quantities of electricity for the power grid.

Electrical plug coming out of tree

Other Technologies

With our ingenious technology team tirelessly designing, constructing, and testing future products, Kalex does not stop with just BuoGra. We are always looking to partner with other organizations and professionals that have new and innovative ideas in order to realize their vision and bring their inventions to life. We strive to build a brighter future for our world and hope you join us on this exciting journey.

Partner with Us

With the advancement in technology, we have found innovative ways to harness and utilize mother nature’s extraordinary powers to better our own lives. Yet, air and water pollution continue to cause respiratory and lung problems amongst our citizens, along with heart issues and even cancer. Partnering with Kalex will allow us to innovate and help lead the human race in a pragmatic and eco-friendly direction!

Sponsor a Product

Sponsoring our flagship patented NFA also known as BuoGra indicates that you are aligning yourself with the newest and most innovative environmentally conscious technology product around the world. BuoGra is the cleanest and safest energy generating technology to date that does not pollute our air or our waterways. With your sponsorship we can disrupt the electricity industry and make the world a cleaner and safer place to live.