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Local Government

Why Partner With BuoGra?

Local government officials must start making changes when it comes to reducing the carbon and toxic waste that is polluting our atmosphere and poisoning our water every day. Each state, county, and city are very different, and we understand that each one has unique needs. This is where BuoGra comes and solves all of your problems. 

Smoke Stacks

No need to worry about being a county located in a hot and dry area, BuoGra can function without needing to be placed near large bodies of water. Are you located in a busy city? With one acre of land, you will have enough room to build twenty-two BuoGras, which will be able to generate an estimated 1,320MW of electricity. Are you a county, city, or state that does not get that much wind throughout the year? That is no problem for our mechanical marvel. 

BuoGra is a dispatchable power source which is powered by an operator. With a press of a button, BuoGra will be ready to operate. Partnering with BuoGra sets the local area you govern up for success. Job opportunities are created instantly along with the gesture that you are taking steps in the direction of going green.

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