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BuoGra’s patented compact system in conjunction with its ease of integration within any energy grid makes it a very viable clean energy generating option for countries, US States, local governments, green energy producers and power companies who are looking for alternatives to traditional power generating technologies. More research and development is needed to produce working models that can be tested and refined for mass production, and this is where our partners and sponsors play a vital role in helping realize the dream of energy sustainability and independence.


Shake hands with mother nature and agree on taking another step in the direction of going green. Partnering with Kalex Innovations ensures job opportunities for your country, along with cleaner air and water for your people moving forward.

When it comes to energy sources, there are usually three main concerns: 1) pollution, 2) lack of land, and 3) the need for large bodies of water to operate. 

Our machines do not need big bodies of water to function, so landlocked countries will have no problem with where to build BuoGra. We use gravity, buoyancy, and buoyant objects to operate our machines, which do not emit any pollution into the air or toxic chemicals into the water. Also, an extraordinary amount of land is not necessary to implement our technology. Twenty Two of our mechanical marvels only take up an acre of land yet produce enough electricity to power 1,056,000 to 1,320,000 homes. 

Partner with Kalex and bring mother nature’s newest machinery to the forefront of your country.

Earth from space
US Capitol in DC

US State Representatives

By the year 2050, every region in the United States of America has to transition to carbon-free electricity. Since this is the case, why not make the change now?

BuoGra is your 100% emissions-free, low cost Natural Forces Apparatus that will create job opportunities for every state in the country. In an industry where dispatchable power generation costs billions and takes years to construct, BuoGra can be assembled in months for less than an estimated $7 million per unit.

Become a leader in green power generation transition. Let BuoGra be the head start to your greener state.

Local Government

Local government officials must start making changes when it comes to reducing the carbon and toxic waste that is polluting our atmosphere and poisoning our water every day. Each state, county, and city are very different, and we understand that each one has unique needs. BuoGra is the solution that can help solve your pollution and power generation problems.

No need to worry about being a county located in a hot and dry region, BuoGra can function without being near large bodies of water. Are you located in a busy city? With one acre of land, you will have enough room to build twenty-two BuoGras systems, which will be able to generate an estimated 1,320MW of electricity. Are you a county, city, or state that does not get that much wind throughout the year? That is not a problem for our mechanical marvel. BuoGra is a dispatchable electricity generation source which is managed by an operator. With a press of a button, BuoGra will be ready to produce electricity. 

Partnering with BuoGra sets up your local region for success. Job opportunities are created instantly along with the gesture that you are taking steps in the direction of going green. 

Annapolis Maryland Birds Eye View
Sunset in the valley


Let BuoGra be another step in the direction of no emissions and cleaner water when generating electricity.

Buoyancy, gravity, and heavy buoyant objects are the main components of our mechanical marvel. 72% of all toxic water pollution in the United States comes from coal-fired power plants. Also, an alarming amount of 1,928,401,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide pollutes the air every year from coal-fired power plants as well. All other power generation sources contribute to the pollution or destruction of the environment in one way or another with coal being the highest polluter. BuoGra aims to change that and become the first power source that has zero emissions and does not threaten the environment in any way.

Let’s forget coal and make continuous strides toward our new goal, which is a 100% green planet and a safer place to live. Partner with us today to help realize this fast and attainable goal.

Green Energy Entities

If you are a Green Energy Entity, you are already at the forefront of the green power generation movement. However, we realize that some of the green technology that is implemented today have a high cost of implementation and long timelines for construction. BuoGra not only can help augment your power generation capacity but slowly reduce your implementation costs. 


Being a dispatchable power source gives us the ability to operate our Natural Forces Apparatus under any circumstance. No need for a sunny day or for the wind to be blowing, since it is operator controlled. All that needs to happen is for the operator to turn on the machine to generate electricity. Unlike hydro energy, BuoGra does not require extraordinary amounts of water to operate, which gives us the ability to build in the most rural parts of the world. We use the least amount of acres per apparatus, which is also outstanding for conserving our planet. The biggest gain from partnering with us is that we guarantee cleaner water and oxygen moving forward since none of our machines will emit any harmful chemicals into the air or waterways. Just imagine augmenting your capacity and reducing you cost at the same time. BuoGra is the future of green power generation and you have the opportunity to be at the forefront of this disruptive technology.

Green Energy Technology

Power Companies

At Kalex, we aim to disrupt the power generation technology abruptly. We also strive to change the way everyone thinks about green energy.

Partnering with BuoGra guarantees longevity in the power generation industry, along with job opportunities for more people. According to data collected by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), 693,958,000 tons of coal, 51,411,000 barrels of petroleum, 10,170,110,000 cubic feet of natural gas and 73,785,000,000 BTU’s of other gases were used for electricity generation and additional useful thermal output in 2016. All of these emissions reduce the air quality that we breathe and result in physical damage to our planet. 

As a power company you have a vested interest in maintaining a viable grid and need to be at the forefront of green power generation. Diversifying your power generation output will ensure a healthy balance sheet and help protect the environment at the same time. BuoGra is the solution you have been looking for since it can produce massive amounts of energy with no emissions or environmental impact.