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Buogra is just one of our keys to unlocking the kingdom for a better tomorrow. It is essential to understand that if we as people were to continue the way we produce electricity around the world, we might not have a safe enough world for our future generations to live on. Not only that, but our waterways would also be so dirty that land and sea animals who rely on freshwater to drink would die from all of the toxic chemicals dumped in our waterways every day.

Logs floating in the river

Here is an excellent example of how much pollution and toxic chemicals are released into our atmosphere and waterways each year. According to data collected by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), over 1,198,401,000 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide are sent into our atmosphere every year. Along with 1,807,000 metric tons of Sulfur Dioxide and 1,630,000 metric tons of Nitrogen Oxide and Nitrogen Dioxide. When it comes to water pollution, 72% of toxic water pollution in the United States comes from coal-fired power plants, making them the number one source of toxic water pollution in the United States. 

With your investment and part ownership, Buogra will be the solution to the world’s extreme emissions problem. Buogra will use gravity and buoyancy along with heavy buoyant objects to generate electricity without creating any type of emissions or toxic chemicals that would pollute our atmosphere or waterways. 

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