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Kalex is the bridge between mother nature and technology.

About Kalex Innovations

Who We Are

We are an innovative technology company that improves the lives of current and future generations by combining imagination with innovation. Over the years, with the many current environmental efforts, small decreases have been made to the additional accumulation of harmful chemicals in our air and water. Many courageous environmental efforts have been made with some small and delayed, reductions in pollution.


Kalex Innovations is here to disrupt the technology world and become the buoyant frontline technology that puts the safety of our future and environment first.

Our Mission

To better the lives of current and future generations by combining imagination with innovation.

What We Create

Our one of a kind patented mechanical marvel uses the natural forces of buoyancy and gravity along with heavy buoyant objects to produce a perpetual automatic rotation for generators that create substantial quantities of electricity for the power grid. Currently, there are many ways to generate electricity for grid distribution, but none with less environmental impact, expense, or site restraints than our Natural Forces Apparatus (NFA). For perspective, 66 NFA units occupying a projected footprint of 3 Acres can generate up to 3,960MW powering up to 3,960,000 homes in cities such as Los Angeles, or Chicago. Kalex has heavily invested in this disruptive technology which is poised to revolutionize power generation in the near future.

Product Diagram

Partner with Us

With the advancement in technology, we have found innovative ways to harness and utilize mother nature’s extraordinary powers to better our own lives. Yet, air and water pollution continue to cause respiratory and lung problems amongst our citizens, along with heart issues and even cancer. Partnering with Kalex will allow us to innovate and help lead the human race in a pragmatic and eco-friendly direction!

Sponsor a Product

Sponsoring our flagship patented NFA also known as BuoGra indicates that you are aligning yourself with the newest and most innovative environmentally conscious technology product around the world. BuoGra is the cleanest and safest energy generating technology to date that does not pollute our air or our waterways. With your sponsorship we can disrupt the electricity industry and make the world a cleaner and safer place to live. 

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